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Our Story...

Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, June 2016 Wroe Trends originally started off as just a fashion blog on Instagram, advertising and promoting other clothing brands, I had only been doing this for a few months before deciding to make up a logo for the blog, i had put a few logo ideas together, it was actually my mother that helped pick out the original WT logo that is used today, thanks mum..haha! I then had this logo made up and put onto a hat, i wore this hat on a few of my posts, it was this hat and logo that caught the eye of a man over in America, he was very keen on finding out where i bought my hat so he could purchase 1 for himself, I informed him that the hat was just something i had made up for myself. His reply changed my life to put it bluntly "dude! I'm in a hat collectors group of more than 200 people, we all love your hat and want to buy it" Wroe Trends Snapbacks was created!

Featured in:

UK Partnership with ‘The Gym Group’

MTV news - Model - Jaqui Ryland

Daily Mail - Model - Jaqui Ryland

Daily Mirror - Model - Brook Wright

Mens GQ Magazine March 2018 issue